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At Shaky Alibi our authentic Liege waffles are simply delicious. Inspired by Agnes, my German born Great Grandmother who came from a family of bakers,(space)each Liege waffle is served hot from the waffle iron and handcrafted to your taste. Whether choosing a traditional waffle with powdered sugar or adding toppings of fresh fruit or imported spreads, you’re sure to experience a taste sensation.

Shaky Alibi revolutionized the traditional street waffle by introducing its savory line. The unique combination of fresh meats and cheeses sandwiched between sweet caramelized waffles at first seemed like an unlikely pairing, but was quickly hailed as a perfect marriage. Add a poached egg and a splash of hot sauce and you’ll be in waffle nirvana.

When I was young, I would spend a few weeks every summer with my Italian grandmother Angeline, from Italy. I remember her making coffee on the stove, as the family congregated in the kitchen. I can still smell the rich intoxicating aromas that filled the air. The coffee was rich and thick… almost chewy. Grandmother Angeline is the inspiration behind Shaky Alibi’s premium House Blend Coffee made from micro-roasted whole beans. It’s a rich and aromatic dark roast coffee with full-bodied characteristics.

We invite you congregate at our Coffee Bar with family and friends. Enjoy the rich intoxicating aromas that linger as you savor every last drop.