aboutshaky alibi

Shaky Alibi is not just a Walfflerie and Coffee Bar, it is an experience. A welcoming place to enjoy alone or with friends and family. A tribute to three influential women in my life, Great Grandmother Agnes from Germany, Grandmother Angeline from Milan, and my mother Fayora, my biggest champion. “Dare to be different, expect to be critized” and If your going to do something, do it right” were guiding principles in my life.

Shaky Alibi serves the highest quality products from both around the world and locally. We work with small California companies that share our attention to detail. Our unique products are made to order in a friendly, social environment and at fair prices.

The Coffee Bar at Shaky Alibi was inspired from Sunday dinners at my Grandma Angeline’s. From the youngest member to the eldest, the entire family would gather and eventually migrate to the kitchen. That’s where magic happened. We would cook, laugh, dance, argue, eat…we connected or as we say today, “interacted.” All of us together. A sense of family. The Shaky Alibi Coffee Bar is a place to meet friends, make new ones and become a part of the magic that happens one cup and one waffle at a time.