Shaky Alibi

Shaky Alibi is an experience. A welcoming place to enjoy alone or with friends and family. A tribute to three influential women in my life: my Great Grandmother Agnes from Germany, my Grandmother Angeline from Italy and my Mother Fayora, my biggest champion. "Dare to be different, expect to be criticized…

philosophy” experience the difference ”


The Shaky Alibi experience represents the philosophies instilled in the owner as a youth: Live, Laugh, Love…together!

Shaky Alibi is a Coffee Bar and Wafflerie with an emphasis on the social experience and a commitment to the individual experience. It’s a place to meet friends, spend time with family or enjoy some time alone, relaxing at our Coffee Bar reading the New York Post.

Freshness/Ingredients: At Shaky Alibi every menu item is custom prepared for the individual using premium products from local businesses as well as authentic international imports. Organic ingredients are used with a common sense approach.

The Waffle: The owner’s great grandmother inspired our Liege Waffle and unlike an “American” waffle, it does not require butter and syrup. This unique waffle is made from yeast dough rather than from batter and is lightly coated with imported Belgian pearl sugar. It’s dense and chewy on the inside, caramelized and crunchy on the outside and each is its own special creation. Traditionally a Belgian “street food,” a Liege waffle can be enjoyed plain or with one of our many fresh fruit toppings or imported spreads.



A cook of the Prince-Bishop of Liege, Belgium invented the Liege waffle in the eighteenth century. The traditional recipe is a closely guarded secret and is smaller, sweeter and denser than the Belgium waffle. The Liege waffle is made from a yeast dough rather than a batter and is coated with chunks of Belgium pearl sugar that melt and carmelize when heated, creating a slightly crispy shell.

Coffee Bar


Our Coffee and Espresso are Shaky Alibi’s own premium blends. Each is locally micro-roasted and delivered weekly. All drinks are handcrafted one at a time and can be served hot or iced. We proudly offer over ten organic loose-leaf teas, each steeped to order. We feature a special blend of organic milk that is designed to go with our coffee and tea drinks. Additionally, we offer two non-dairy options: Soy and Almond milk.


Premium House Blend Beans

All of our beans are micro roasted weekly to ensure freshness. Depending on the day of order it may take upto a week
to receive your order

  • Coffee Beans 12oz Bag
  • Espresso Beans 12oz Bag
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  • :
  • $15.00
  • $15.00


*$6.00 extra for shipping


Fresh Made famous Liege Waffles fully cooked just heat and serve. Keep fresh in refrigerator 3-4 days.

  • 1 Liege Waffle
  • 3 Liege Waffles
  • 6 Liege Waffles
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  • $5.50*
  • $15.00*
  • $25.00*
Any of your Premium spreads add $1.00
*Prices do NOT include overnight delivery